Pusheen has been conquering the world since 2010. In 2010, Claire Belton first designed this kawaii chubby cat with Andrew Duff. The first publications then took place on the website: Everyday cute".

Since then, this cat has been loved all over the world. Pusheen got its name from the word Puisin . This means kitten in Irish. Pusheen has a father and mother, a sister named Stormy and a brother named Pip. Of course we also know many of her friends including Bo the parakeet, Sloth the sloth and the cute little hamster named Cheeky.

Of course we also know Pusheen herself in her many different forms. It is of course always fun to dress up and have the best adventures with your friends. Some of the most famous themes are the Purrmaid, Pusheenicorn and the Pusheenosaurus. Which theme is your favourite?