Aurora is a company from the United States that focuses on plushes. They are the world leader in plushes and have items with different licenses as well as plushes from their own production. 

Since 2018, they have increasingly focused on "eco-friendly". So they started by using 100% biodegradable materials. Including the "ball" fillings that are in most cuddly toys. In the meantime, they save about 400,000,000 plastic bottles. By reusing and processing these plastic bottles into new products, the plastic waste mountain decreases and they contribute to a greener world. 

In the last 35 years, Aurora has truly grown into a market leader, helping to bring dreams to life.

Everything is imported directly from the United States. This not only ensures a nice but also a varied assortment. Another fun fact: it saves you on customs costs and very expensive shipping costs from this country. In addition, we also have access to exclusive items at Aurora that are not available anywhere else in the Netherlands. 

And counterfeit? Of course we don't do that. Our webshop is 100% bootleg free. We only supply licensed products from the original suppliers.

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