(PRE-ORDER) Dumpster fire
(PRE-ORDER) Dumpster fire
100% Soft

(PRE-ORDER) Dumpster fire

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Available from July 2021! Can be pre-ordered as a pre-order.
These will be delivered in July. Earlier is not possible.

Cutest piece of trash .... ever!

It has happened! The cutest piece of trash has gotten its own plushie. Everything in the world is still an ongoing nightmare. But do not worry! You can soon cuddle away all your worries with this plushie! You can hide anything in Dumpster's secret compartment. Open the cover and make it an ideal hiding place for small items.

Product specifications:
Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 13 cm
Material: ABS, PVC
Brand: 100 Soft 
Version: Donutella

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